Purchase of the MICRON VCE 1600 PRO machining plant designated to finishing the elements.


Forbes Diamonds award>

We are proud to announce that, Innowacja Sp. z o.o. [ Ltd.] has been awarded with prestigious Forbes Diamonds 2013 in category of companies with annual income between 5 to 50 million zl [1,5 to 15 million $ - according to the quotation of the exchange rate in June 2013]. This award is given to companies with the highest potential, taking into account all realized investments. The method used for company’s goodwill evaluation relates to the profit or loss and to the value of assets for the period of last three years including:

- sales,
- net profit,
- value of fixed assets,
- costs of investments.
The award is an appreciation for the workload and efforts in the pursuit of increasing the competitiveness of our company.


Completion of work associated with setting up a new production line based on geopolymer binder.

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On 15th May, 2012, in ABB headquarters in Ludvika, Sweden, an annual “KEY SUPPLIER” meeting for the most important suppliers took place. Representatives of 30 key suppliers among over 160 companies worldwide which cooperate with ABB company in Ludvika took part in panel discussions concerning the following areas:

- quality,
- delivery,
- reduction of costs,
- production,
- research and development.

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We would like to proudly inform you, that during the recapitulating meeting in Ludvika, Innowacja Sp. z.o.o [Ltd.] has been honored for its superior delivery results and received a CERTYFICATE EXCLLENT DELIVERY PERFORMANCE in 2011.


Purchase of the HAAS EC 1600 machining plant designated for large-size products multitooling.

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