INNOWACJA Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] uses two casting technologies

sand casting,
gravity casting in metal molds.

Our castings are made of aluminum cast alloys - AlSi7Mg, AlSi10Mg, according to the EN-PN 1706 standard.

Our production capacity is about 220 tons of castings per year.

The maximum overall dimension of the casting: 750x750x500 mm
The maximum gross weight of the cast: 80 kg

The maximum overall dimension of the casting: 700x700x250 mm
The maximum gross weight of the cast: 55 kg

Moreover INNOWACJA Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] is equipped with following devices:

The melting plant is equipped with two gas tilting furnaces type: PGTp-800Al and CTG 11/70, each with a capacity of 800 kg aluminum alloy. The burning time of one round is approximately 4 hours.

The hardening plant for aluminum alloy castings which is equipped with an electrical pit furnace, designed to work with prepared atmosphere of PEG-15z22/550 type, together with a cooling tank which uses water type DRW-15x22 during the process of age hardening. For that process we are using SEM-4 chamber dryer.

Abrasive machining and after machining is done using PG 10x15/2TR hook shot blasting machine which has a stepless rotational turbine adjustment system and the F.C. 6. explosion-proof filter.

For cast machining we are using:
- a Micron VCE 1600 PRO machining plant,
- a HAAS EC 1600 machining plant,
- a MAS MCV 1016 QUICK CNC milling machine,
- a HP 4, HP 5 machining plant,
- a VR 5 N jig drilling machine
- a TRAUB TND 630 lathe,
- a TUD 50, TUR conventional lathes and similar.

If you are willing to get more detailed information concerning our company’s production capacity, please feel free to contact us.

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