On 11th July, 2000, INNOWACJA was constituted by a notarial deed and on 22nd December, 2000, it was given a no. 60 permit to conduct a business in the Euro-Park Wislosan Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone. The entire share capital of 2 244 000 [PLN] is in the possession of Zaklady Porcelany Elektrotechnicznej ZAPEL S.A. in Boguchwala, Poland.

Thanks to the insistent marketing steps of its owner which is ZPE ZAPEL and high product quality, INNOWACJA has acquired an established position on the European energy market in a short period of time. At present, the company’s major part of the production is exported to such reputable companies as ABB, ALSTOM and VATECH. Gaining new markets has also resulted in a significant increase in the production. In 2000, the foundry has produced nearly 4 tons of machined castings per month, while now it produces more than 20 tons. There has also been a change in the type of manufactured products. At the beginning, the company had been producing end fittings for porcelain isolators only, whereas now it produces casts with complex multitooling with high quality requirements. A large part of casts goes through a tightness test and in recent years the company has started a production of 8 casts which in fact were high mar resistance compression tanks.

Within a few years after the founding, INNOWACJA is a modern company which employs over 90 people, producing Al-Si alloy castings which are completely machined at the end.

A great advantage of the company was the fact it was built from scratch. The company itself prepares the technical design of the technological equipment (including molds and models) and it prepares the instrumentation thanks to the fact that it has its own pattern-shop.

To meet the growing demands of our customers, INNOWACJA has made significant investment activities. We have purchased a modern SPECTRO Optical Emission Spectrometer which is used for studying the chemical composition the material. We have also obtained modern machining centers and lathes. The capacity of the foundry casting has been significantly increased by installing several new furnaces. In August 2007, we have purchased a second furnace for alloy melting, doubling the production capacity of the liquid aluminum working center. We have also built a casting pressure test station and we have upgraded the existing powder coating plant by buying a HÜBNER sputtering device. In the production of casting we use both gravity casting for metal molds as well as sand casting technology. The molds are heat treated using a PEG-15x22/550 pit furnace. The process of artificial weathering of the molds, which is the part of the heat treatment, is performed using an SEM-4 chamber dryer. Molds, according to the customer’s requirements, are cleaned during the process of either sand-blasting or shot blasting. In the process of machining, besides traditional lathes and milling machines, the company uses CNC [ computer numerical control ] machining plants such as a MICRON a VCE 1600 PRO, a HASS EC 1600, a MAS MCV 1016, an HP-4 and an HP-5, a DMG NEF 600, TRAUB TND 630 lathes, VR-5 jig drilling machines. On client’s requests, castings can be sprayed with powder paint. Depending on the use, castings go through many additional tests such as: compressed air tightness test in water or a pressure test which involves injecting water into the casting under a certain pressure. At present, to fulfill our clients’ growing requirements, we perform an accurate helium leak test using automatic test stand produced by Lőwener Vacuumservice. Metrological measurement is carried out using DEA Global Classic measuring machine.

That is why in 2005, the management of INNOWACJA, decided to start an implementation of the Quality System Management according to PN-EN ISO 9001:2001. We have managed to implement the abovementioned system in a record time, which was less than a year. In September 2005, INNOWACJA SP. Z o. o. [Ltd.] has successfully passed the certification process of Quality Management issued by the Polish Center of Research and Certification in Warsaw.

Currently our company is focused on further quality improving and expanding product range with new items.

We truly hope that our production capacity and potential of development is going to contribute to long-term cooperation.

Zapel S.A.
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