Innowacja Sp. z o.o. produces standard aluminum products made of
   AlSi7Mg, AlSi10Mg aluminum alloy according to the EN-PN 1706 standard.
   The offer includes complete technological process divided into different
    stages of production:

    Designing and preparing model instrumentation and die castings, 
    AlSi alloy castings production:
     - die casting method,
     - sand casting and regular sand method,
     - heap sand method using self-hardening sand, based on
    a geopolymer binder.

    Aluminum castings heat treatment,
    Casts multitooling using conventional machine tools.
    Specialist processing using (CNC) computer numerical controlled
    machine tools.

    Powder coating.

      In order to ensure the quality requirements of our individual
      customers, our final products may be subjected to a precise inspection
      like for example: :

   The study of the chemical composition of an alloy.
   Geometric measurement using coordinate measuring machine.
   Testing hardness and strength of an alloy.
   Air tightness test in water,.
   Helium leak test.

     Purchase of the MICRON VCE 1600 PRO machining plant.

     Forbes Diamonds AWARD

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