Innowacja Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] is equipped with a modern production line which is based on a geopolymer binder.

The production line consists of:

  • a Spartan 310AB high-performance sand muller,
  • a compaction vibrating table,
  • a foundry mold manipulator,
  • a Gamma 9LL foundry sand reclamation system equipped with a shakeout and pneumatic grid with a sand transportation system,
  • a set of suction filters.
The degree of foundry sand reclamation is between 80 - 90%

In a traditional sand foundry, the preparation of casts and cores is done manually. The bentonite molding sand is prepared in a sand muller, while the core sandmix (based on canola oil) is prepared in a standard rammer. Metal melting takes place in the PET-50/601 electrical crucible furnace with a maximum capacity of 300 kg of aluminum alloy.

The maximum overall dimension of the casting: 700x700x500 mm
The maximum gross weight of the cast 80 kg

The core room is equipped with 2 core shooters for preparing cores made with a hot-box powder coating method. Each working station has its own, either manual or pneumatic, interchangeable tools which enable the assemblage and the drive of the core boxes. The cores can be also prepared manually using wooden split core boxes. In the process of manual core preparation, we use a mold sand, based on canola oil, which was earlier prepared in a pug mill.

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